NEOCAB-PV® is rolled from high-purity oxygen-free copper round wire and is hot-dip tinned. This state-of-the-art manufacturing technology guarantees consistent quality. We provide all typical coatings, including Silver based and RoHS compliant lead-free coatings.


Every client has their unique needs so we cater every request individually. Our technical teams work closely with our Market research team to choose the right product for client’s application and to design a solution that works.


With NEOCAB-PV’s RIBBON a larger base copper cross-section is possible, improving the ELECTRON flow across cells, improving overall WATT output of each module.


NEOCAB-PV’s soft copper has a yield strength well below 60 N/mm² in normal production, which means there is less tension on the solar cells during soldering – so cell breakage is much less likely, which improves overall efficiency of solar PV-Module assembly.


NEOCAB-PV® can produce extremely flat ribbon to the tightest tolerances of thickness and width. We roll from round-wire to deliver burr-free, high-consistency ribbon; and our coating process gives 100% coverage so there’s no risk of discolouration.


With a high-purity oxygen-free copper core base, NEOCAB-PV® SF offers exceptional electrical conductivity combined with guaranteed elongation and yield strength. NEOCAB-PV SF provides enhanced mechanical properties to reduce cell breakage. It makes the solar module more fatigue resistant against weather changes during its lifetime


PV Interconnect Ribbon & PV Busbar Range
Interconnect Ribbon Busbar
Available Sizes Width(mm) 0.8 ≈ 2.5 3.0 ≈ 8.0
Thickness(mm) 0.1 ≈ 0.3 0.1 ≈ 0.4
Standard Coating Thickness ≥20μm (Single Side)
Lead Coating
Sn60Pb40 Sn62Pb36Ag2 -
Coating Type RoHS Complianced (Lead Free) Coating
Sn100 Sn96Ag35 (Tin96.5% , Silver 3.5%) SnAgCu
Softness Elongation Yield Strength -
Flexible ≥25% ≤70
Supper Flexible ≥30% ≤60
Extream Flexible ≥35% ≤55
Quality Confirms To Semi PV-19 0811, Semi PV-18 0811
An ISO 9001-2008 Certified COmpany
Base Metal Specification
Specification Of the CORE Base Metal (Copper)
Interconnect Ribbon Busbar
Copper Grades Cu-Etp
Resistivity ≤ 1.707 x10-8 ῼmm2 @20° c
Density 8.89 gm/cm3
Conductivity (100% min) ≥ 101 %
Tolerance Value
Thickness Tolerance ± 0.008 mm
Width Tolerance ± 0.080 mm
Specifications Of The Solder COating
Interconnect Ribbon Busbar
Tin Coating Thickness ≥20μm (**Other Thickness is available on request) ≥20μm (**Other Thickness is available on request)
Tin Thickenss Coating Error ±0.005 mm ±0.009 mm
Type Of Coating And Composition Curing Temperature (°c) Liquefaction Temperature(°c)
Leaded (Non-RoHS) 60Sn40Pb 183 °c 190 °c
Leaded (Non RoHS) 62Sn36Pb2Ag 179 °c 189 °c
RoHS Complianced Lead Free 96.5Sn3.5Ag / Sn100 / SnAgCu 221 °c 221 °c
Observed Value Of NEOCAB PV Interconnect Ribbon & Busbar
Testing Name Interconnect Ribbon Busbar
Dimensions Tolerance ±0.008 mm X ±0.08mm ±0.016 mm X ±0.010mm
Straightness ≤4mm / 1000mm ≤3mm / 1000mm
Solder Coating Thickness Tolerance ±0.005mm ±0.009mm
Tensile Strength 135 Mpa ≤ Ts ≤ 250 Mpa 135 Mpa ≤ Ts ≤ 250 Mpa
Yield Strength (Rp0.02%) 50 MPa ≤ Ys ≤ 70 Mpa ≤ 130 Mpa
Elongation ≥ 25 % ≥ 25 %
Electrical Resistivity ≤ 2.2 X 10-8 ῼm@20 °c ≤ 2.2 X 10-8 ῼm@20 °c
Salt Atmosphere Test 168h 168h
Bending Radius ≥ 7 Times ≥ 7 Times
High Temprature and High Humidity 1000h 1000h

NEOCAB PV Brochure


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